Lip Filler – What Defines a Perfect Result?

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What Defines a Beautiful Lip Filler Result?

You only need to glance at Instagram, celebrity magazines, or even the general public, to see that there has been a rapid increase in the number of people undergoing ‘Lip Enhancement‘ procedures.

But with an increase in lip filler procedures, brings with it the increase in less-than-desirable outcomes. So it brings us to the topic: What is it that constitutes an aesthetically pleasing outcome when it comes to lip enhancement?

At the end of the day, this is always going to come down to personal preference. It is vitally important that cosmetic injectors take the time to thoroughly understand what it is that their client is hoping to achieve with their dermal filler treatment. As well as, creating a final result that is in harmony with the surrounding facial structures. So when it comes to defining exactly what the “perfect” lip filler result looks like, sometimes it’s easier to identify what it DOESN’T look like…


1. Lip volume extends the whole length of the lip


Naturally, lips do not have an even volume extending the entire length of the upper lip, from corner to corner. The majority of lip volume naturally occurs within the middle third of the lips. This mid-third will often fall in line with the nasal alars (sides of nose).

When injected incorrectly, filler can cause the upper lip to look like a “tyre”; even worse, the lip will sit in an un-natural position at rest, and does not move naturally when talking and drinking.


2. Lip proportions are un-balanced


When it comes to the “perfect pout”, the upper lip should always be smaller than the lower lip. This comes from what we call “The Ratio of Phi”- a universal proportion of beauty. This famous ratio is: 1 : 1.6, meaning the lower lip should be roughly 1.6 times bigger than the upper lip. Lips that fall out of this ratio, for example when an upper lip becomes larger than the lower lip, instinctively look un-natural and un-attractive to the eye.


3. The “beak” or the “trout-pout”


This is lilkely to be the most common mistake made by in-experience injectors. When dermal filler is over-injected in certain parts of the lip, it will protrude the upper lip, causing a “beak” like appearance.


So how do we achieve a beautiful result? 

With all the above considered, how does one go about ensuring they achieve their own “perfect result”? Well, lip filler results are mainly dependent on 2 factors:

  • What type of filler is used.
  • Who performs the procedure

There are many different types of filler on the marker. They vary greatly in longevity and quality. It is always advisable to ensure your dermal filler has a proven safety record and is provided by a reputable medical company.

Choosing the right cosmetic injector can be very overwhelming. So here are some key points to consider:


1) How long has the practitioner been performing filler procedures?

It is always advisable to see a clinician who is experienced in your area of treatment.


2) How often do they perform lip enhancements?

Is this what they specialise in, or is this just a second income stream?


3) Ask to see their OWN before and after images.

This will allow you to determine whether you and your prospective clinician share the same idea of desirable lip filler outcomes.

Be aware, although highly illegal, some cosmetic clinics will advertise other’s images as their own.


4) What is the brand of filler, and how much are they intending to use?

A lip enhancement procedure, despite it’s popularity, is not something to take lightly. It is a medical procedure, complete with risks that need to be explained & considered carefully.

Consumers will commonly see “specials” advertising lip filler treatments. For example “Bring a friends, and share 1 ML of filler, to receive 0.5ML each”. A skilled injector will asses your current lip shape, volume & symmetry before deciding on an exact prescribed volume to achieve your desired result. Dermal fillers should not be treated like going to the local store with a friends, buying a lolly, and having half each.


5) What follow up care do they provide?

Professional clinicians who take pride in their work and your satisfaction with the end result will ensure you return for a review & adjustment, if necessary.


Informed & educated clients make better choices and are able to save themselves stress & money in the long run♥



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