Cosmelan Peel

The world's leading professional depigmentation treatment.

Our Cosmelan peel is your answer to clear, bright, even skin tone.
A revolutionary treatment in its ability to treat all pigment types, on all skin types, ethnicities & genders, all year round.

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation method that has an intensive corrective effect on current skin hyperpigmentation, whilst also preventing & inhibiting the future appearance of pigmentation.

Anyone concerned with pigmentation, melasma, sun damage, freckles, and acne scarring pigmentation can benefit from our Cosmelan peel.

All skin types. All pigmentation concerns.

Cosmelan Peel

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How does Cosmelan work?

Cosmelan works by deactivating a critical enzyme in the production of melanin (pigmentation) & eliminating existing pigmentation deposits.

What's involved in a Cosmelan treatment?

The Cosmelan professional de-pigmentation method consists of 4 phases which are necessary to achieve effective results. Phase one is an in-clinic treatment where we apply a mask. This mask is left to work for 8 – 12 hours. After this time has elapsed, the mask is removed at home in the shower. 48 hours after removing the mask, you will commence phases 2, 3, and 4 of the treatment (home care products).
An in-clinic LED treatment is provided free of charge 1 week after your Cosmelan mask. This LED boosts results and encourages healing.

Does Cosmelan treatment hurt?

Of course, pain is subjective, but our clients report that their Cosmelan treatments are very comfortable, with minimal pain. Discomfort may include warmth, redness, and itchiness.

What's the downtime of Cosmelan?

The average downtime of Cosmelan treatment is 7 – 10 days. This downtime may include dryness, redness, shedding, or swelling.

Who isn't suitable for Cosmelan?

We don’t perform Cosmelan on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

I've got hormonal pigmentation (melasma). Can I have Cosmelan?

Yes! One of the main reasons we have introduced the Cosmelan treatment to our clinic is for stubborn, hormonal melasma.

How long do results last?

If you continue to use the Cosmelan 2 cream, you will maintain your results. In some cases where the pigmentation is deeper, the treatment may need to be repeated.
Cosmelan may also be complemented by some of our other in-clinic treatments. This will be discussed at consultation.

How much does Cosmelan cost?

The total cost of Cosmelan treatment is $1650. This includes your in-clinic treatment, 3 months of homecare products, plus lactic peel, LED facial and barrier repair treatment (an added value of $330).

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