We are a team who take the time to listen to what you want, understand your needs and provide honest advice to achieve natural results.

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We are in the top 8 most experienced beauty cosmetic clinics in Australia.

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Jade Cosmetic Clinic Cairns

We are a team of collaborators working with you to achieve natural, healthy-looking results. Our beautifully fitted workspaces accentuate the principles of comfort and safety practiced by our expert staff as they work to tailor a beauty and wellness treatment that’s perfectly suited to you. Call (07)4041 0067 to book an appointment.


Our service, at every step of the way, centres on providing you with the most accurate, up to date and relevant information available to help inform and empower your choices; and fulfilling these choices with the utmost care and skill.

With our commitment to collaboration and adherence to clinically proven products and treatments, you can look forward to your beauty and wellness choices being naturally and skilfully realised by our brilliant team in Cairns.


  • Natural and healthy outcomes conceived and confirmed in close consultation between you and our expert team.
  • An age-positive approach that seeks to evoke your existent advantages to achieve a result that everyone will notice but no-one will know.
  • Dedicated post-treatment care including a follow-up consultation for all clients to ensure the best possible outcome has been achieved.


  • A Total Face Beauty Plan Consultation, with no pressure or expectation of proceeding to treatment, during which all options, realistic expectations and costs are discussed. Your consultation can be arranged by contacting our team on (07) 4041 0067.
  • An incredibly supportive and friendly team of doctors, nurses and skin therapists whose skill and artistry ensures that all treatment choices are achievable, suitable and safe.
  • A commitment to customer care and a dedication to discretion.
  • A broad spectrum of beauty and wellness products and services suitable for men and women including Skin Rejuvenation Solutions, Cosmetic Injectables and CoolSculpting


  • Jade is recognised by Allergan, the world’s Number 1 producer of injectable products, as ‘Black Diamond Status’ for the number of treatments we perform, putting us in the top 8 most experienced cosmetic clinics in Australia.

Experience beauty without boundaries. Contact Jade Cosmetic Clinic in Cairns today for a consultation.

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ruby bourke Avatar
ruby bourke

Lovely atmosphere and lovely staff, I felt very comfortable here. Can’t wait for my next visit 02/06/20

Zoe Avatar

A lovely place and welcoming stuff. Even when I called to ask about the filler,... read more 29/05/20

Rebecca Bowen Avatar
Rebecca Bowen

A beautiful salon, with very friendly and welcoming service. I would highly recommend Jade Cosmetic. 21/05/20

Elloise Mavin Avatar
Elloise Mavin

I had my first appointment for a skin analysis last week, they where extremely knowledgable... read more 18/05/20

Leah Hull Avatar
Leah Hull

I have visited Jade Cosmetic clinic 3 times now over the course of 2 years.... read more 12/05/20

Stephanie Williams Avatar
Stephanie Williams

Cannot recommend highly enough. Best in the industry at what they do. And little doggie... read more 22/04/20

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