• May 3, 2024
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Welcome to Jade Cosmetic Clinic’s skin rejuvenation arena, where science meets beauty in the battle against ageing. Today, we’re diving deep into the realms of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and Exosomes, two revolutionary treatments vying for the spotlight in the quest for youthful skin.


The Science of Growth Factors:

Growth factors are like the superheroes of skincare, signalling our skin cells to regenerate, repair, and rejuvenate. PRP, derived from your own blood, offers 12 growth factors, while Exosomes deliver a whopping 380. This means Exosomes provide a richer, more diverse cocktail of rejuvenating signals to your skin cells.


PRP Advantages:

PRP, with its fewer growth factors, still holds its ground as a formidable skin rejuvenation treatment. It’s particularly beneficial for those seeking a natural approach, harnessing the body’s own healing power. Plus, PRP can be tailored to individual needs, making it a versatile option for various skin concerns.


Exosomes: The New Age Elixir:

Enter Exosomes – ethically sourced, “well-behaved” young cells with anti-inflammatory properties that PRP lacks. These tiny powerhouses influence surrounding skin cells to behave as if they’re younger, resulting in a more youthful appearance and improved skin quality. Exosomes work their magic equally well on individuals of all ages, making them a promising option for anyone seeking age-defying results.


Enhanced Results through Combination:

Exosomes seamlessly integrate into existing skincare routines, complementing treatments like Skin Needling, RF Skin Needling, HALO LASER, ALMA LASER, or Tixel for amplified results.


Meanwhile, our exclusive PRP Combo Treatments combine PRP injections with Hyaluronic Acid and micro-needling, delivering a radiant complexion. We’re proud to be Cairns’ premier provider of this innovative fusion, offering a bespoke approach to skin rejuvenation.


Choosing the Right Treatment:

When it comes to selecting between PRP and Exosomes, it’s essential to consider your unique skin needs and treatment goals. While PRP offers a personalised approach and is well-suited for some individuals, Exosomes bring a broader spectrum of growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties to the table, making them a compelling choice for many.


In the world of skin rejuvenation, PRP and Exosomes stand as pillars of innovation, each offering its unique benefits and results. Whether you opt for the personalised touch of PRP or the potent rejuvenation of Exosomes, rest assured that at Jade Cosmetic Clinic, you’re in expert hands. Book your transformative journey to youthful, radiant skin at any of our three clinics today!


PRP treatments are available only in the clinic starting from $900.  Exosomes can be sold as a home treatment with a roller or as an in-clinic treatment in combination with Tixel, Laser or Skin Needling with prices starting from $500

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