We understand that any cosmetic treatment can be a confronting and emotional experience, and that those who haven’t received the treatment before can feel a little nervous. At Jade Cosmetic and Wellness Clinic, you can relax and feel assured knowing you are in the safe hands of experts. Call (07) 4041 0067 to book a consultation.

The following is a guide through the consultation and treatment process for all of our cosmetic injectables. More details on the process for Wrinkle Relaxation, Volume & Fillers, and Lip Enhancement treatments can be found by following the links above.


As of 1st October 2016, it is a medical requirement that all NEW clients for injectables require a face-to-face consult with a Cosmetic Doctor prior to treatment and this also must be done every 12 months – whether it be in person or via Face Time. At Jade we have an excellent cosmetic prescribing doctor, Dr Ingrid Tall.

When you arrive at The Jade Cosmetic and Wellness Clinic you will be warmly greeted by our clinic coordinators who will ask you to complete Patient Registration and Treatment Consent forms within the privacy and comfort of our clinic.

At your initial consultation, your cosmetic practitioner will take a medical history and discuss your expectations for the treatment, taking time to understand the results you are hoping to achieve. All possible treatments will be discussed honestly and openly so that you can consider all your options. Treatment benefits and potential side effects will be explained. The result of this discussion will be the formulation of a personalised Beauty Plan, which identifies the most effective treatments for you according to your age and individual needs. There is no expectation that you will proceed with a treatment following this.


If you are happy to proceed and feel completely comfortable, our cosmetic practitioner can usually provide treatment on the day following assessment and authorisation in conjunction with our medical practitioner. You will be asked to sign a consent form to indicate that you have understood the outcome of the treatment. Photographs will be taken before the treatment and at your follow-up appointment. Photographs form part of your medical records and are kept safely and securely by The Jade Cosmetic and Wellness Clinic, viewable only by our staff unless your permission is granted otherwise.


All clients will be given an appointment to attend a post-treatment review with your chosen Cosmetic Injector 2 – 4 weeks after treatment. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure that you are completely happy with your results and to answer any queries you may have. Occasionally an adjustment may be required; this is usually provided at no extra charge.

For clients who undergo a muscle relaxant treatment, we recommend arranging further treatments at 3 – 4 month intervals. For clients treated with a filler, we recommend 6 monthly reviews to ensure maximum longevity of your filler. Further treatments are by no means compulsory but help to maximise results and decrease your long-term spend.


To ensure that we give you the most appropriate information about possible treatment options that are specifically suited to you, we provide consultations. At your consultation we discuss any concerns you may have and your desired outcomes. We then give you a customised Total Face Beauty Plan with your treatment options and detailed quote.

We recognise price is important. However, we are reluctant to provide product prices without consultation. This is not to be evasive, but to ensure that you are receiving accurate information. There are several muscle-relaxants on the market and the unit price is not comparable. Some of these products need to be used in doses 5 times greater than the market-leading product to achieve the same result.

We use the world’s leading brand of muscle-relaxants and fillers. This allows us to accurately assess volumes used and confidence in knowing you are being treated with not only the safest products on the market, but the ones that provide the greatest longevity. A skilled and artistic injector will be able to provide a superior result with less product. Our Registered Nurses are specifically trained in facial aesthetics and are known for their natural, healthy-looking results. The prices we charge reflect the experience and education we have in providing skillful, artistic treatments performed safely and tailored to deliver your specific desired result.