What are collagen stimulating injections?

If you’re interested in a skin rejuvenation treatment that can help revitalise your complexion and promote a more youthful appearance, collagen-stimulating injections may be a suitable option. Brisbane locals can contact us today to book an initial consultation, or to find out more information about these cosmetic injectables or any of our other skin and body treatments.

Collagen-stimulating injections are a type of bio-stimulator that works by stimulating your skin to regenerate its natural collagen and elastin. This process can contribute to healthier-looking skin with improved texture and tone. The injections are carefully administered at an appropriate depth to address specific concerns such as structural support, volume replacement, and overall skin quality enhancement.

At our clinic, we prioritise your well-being and aim to provide you with comprehensive and educational information. Our friendly team is dedicated to addressing your questions and helping you make informed decisions regarding collagen-stimulating injections. Contact us today to learn more and explore how these treatments can support your skin rejuvenation goals.

What are the benefits?

Bio-stimulating injections have numerous benefits and can be used to improve skin texture and tone in many areas of the body:

  • Simulate your body’s natural collagen production
  • Improve frown lines, deep lines and wrinkles around the face, neck and chest
  • Restore facial volume in the cheeks and temples
  • Improve structural support of the cheeks and jawline
  • Enhance skin quality (elasticity and plumpness) of the face, neck, chest, hands and arms
  • Skin tightening – firms up sagging skin around the face, neck, arms, knees and hands
  • Reduce cellulite and stretchmarks
  • A non-surgical alternative to buttock enhancement and hip dips
  • Extremely effective for men with sagging midface

What is the difference between dermal fillers and collagen stimulating fillers?

Collagen stimulating fillers are a bio-stimulator and an alternative to dermal fillers. The difference between the two are as follows:

Collagen stimulating injections vs dermal fillers

Collagen-stimulating injections contain PLLA and work by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. This leads to very natural-looking results that gradually occur over time. Most clients require 2 to 3 sessions approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart to see the best results (that last at least 2 years). They are well suited to clients who want to see gradual improvement over time rather than in a single session.

Dermal filler injections contain hyaluronic acid which is designed to hold its shape in the form of a gel-like substance. Results will last between 9 months to 2 years (depending on which filler was used). One of the main differences is that fillers can be used in areas where collagen stimulating injections cannot (lips, around the mouth and nose).

Collagen Stimulating Injections Brisbane

Our Collagen boosters in Brisbane are just one of the many skin treatments that we offer. We also have a number of different cosmetic injections, such as fillers and anti wrinkle injections, to promote positive ageing.

collagen boosters brisbane - Jade Cosmetic Clinic

Collagen injections for stretch marks and cellulite are also available, not just collagen for face treatment at our Brisbane clinic.  

Are bio-stimulating injections right for you?

If you’re looking for a skin treatment that gives gradual, natural-looking, effective results, then bio-stimulating injections may be right for you. They’re suitable for both men and women due to their numerous benefits.

However, the best way to determine whether they’re right for you is to contact us and book an initial consultation, where we can discuss all of the possibilities and benefits of our collagen stimulator injections in Brisbane. 

How bio-stimulating injections are carried out
at Jade Cosmetic Clinic in Brisbane

If you choose to have your bio-stimulating injections with us in Brisbane, this is what you can expect:


One of our experienced Registered Cosmetic Nurses will assess your facial features, spend time understanding your concerns, ensure you have all the information you need and answer any questions you may have before you decide to proceed with any treatments. They will also talk you through the different types of bio-stimulating injections that we have available.


The bio-stimulating injections are administered using a needle or cannula. As they contain local anaesthetic in the solution, a numbing cream is normally not required but can be used for increased comfort. The treatment itself takes between 30 mins and 45 minutes.


Unlike fillers, bio-stimulating injections don’t provide instant results, instead, the polymer fibres create an inflammatory process in the skin, which begins a healing process that results in natural elastin and collagen production.

Results are natural looking and improve over time, with optimal results seen after the 2nd or 3rd session. They often last at least 2 years as the results are due to the production of the body’s natural collagen. Studies show that 86% of clients are still happy 25 months after treatment.

How much do bio-stimulating injections cost in Brisbane?

At Jade Cosmetic Clinic, bio-stimulating injections cost the following:


  • $900 per vial – face
  • $600 per vial – body – bottom/hip dips

(Both face and body will require 2-3 treatments 8 weeks apart)


  • $900 per syringe (1.5ml)

At your initial consultation, one of our highly experienced Registered Cosmetic Nurses will talk you through the different benefits of each of our bio-stimulating injections so that you can decide which treatment is right for you.

Our collagen stimulating fillers in Brisbane
restore lost volume to ageing skin.

Why choose Jade Cosmetic Clinic for your bio-stimulating injections treatment in Brisbane?

Patient care, safety and satisfaction are our main focuses at Jade Cosmetic Clinic. Our team of Registered Cosmetic Nurses have undergone comprehensive training to ensure you receive the best treatment possible. They have all been specifically chosen for their artistic and clinical skill and will always provide you with a treatment plan that is unique to you.

All of our Registered Cosmetic Nurses are in-house trained to the very high standard of Jade Cosmetic Clinics and undergo advanced training sessions several times per year. We work with several brands of cosmetic injectables to ensure that all of our clients receive the most suitable product to achieve the optimal outcome.

None of our staff have sales targets, so are committed to providing you with the best possible options based on what is right for you! Finally, and most importantly, they are all competent in diagnosing and managing any possible complications, so you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands.

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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about our collagen stimulating injections in Brisbane:

Due to the local anaesthetic in the formula, the treatment is usually described as comfortable, however, some areas will be more sensitive than others. If required, numbing cream or ice packs may be used to make the procedure more comfortable.

It’s essential that you massage the treated area to ensure that no lumps and bumps form. You should carry out 5-minute massages, 5 times a day, for 5 days (5 x 5 x 5). A Jade roller will be included as part of the treatment to assist with post-treatment massaging.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then bio-stimulating injections are not suitable for you. Also if you’re allergic to local anaesthetic/any of the ingredients or have an uncontrolled immunological disorder such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus or Hashimoto’s disease, the treatment is not suitable.

Similar to filler injections, possible side effects include bruising, swelling and tenderness around the treatment area but this is completely normal. There is a 0.01% incidence of granulomas reported (small hard lumps that occur several weeks after the procedure and may require medical treatment) but this incidence is the same as with hyaluronic filler i.e. extremely low.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I had an outstanding experience with Jade a few weeks ago. Lisa was exceptionally caring, listened to my concerns about skin care and gave excellent advice. Michael made outstanding suggestions for products, and having used the Synergy samples for a few weeks, I am completely convinced by his recommendations (also a wonderful foundation match!). I recommend Jade Cometic Clinic highly! :)”

Mirani L.

“If you’re looking to find the best clinic in cairns, this is definitely the one! My experience was so professional and the staff made me feel so comfortable and welcome. 10/10!”

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“From the moment I walked into the beautiful Queenslander, I was impressed by their professionalism and outstanding demeanour of the staff. Today I felt like a woman. Thank you Jade cosmetics. Your attention to detail was impeccable. I will absolutely be returning for further treatments.”

Evie K.

“Very happy with how I was welcomed, procedure was explained clearly and done with minimum discomfort, I was relaxed the whole time and felt heard , genuine advice was given by the very smiley and knowledgeable Emillie, will definitely return.”

Ieong H.

“Fantastic service & beautiful clinic. Very knowledgeable staff and thorough explanation of treatment options. Highly recommend 😊”

Caitlin A.

“I was so impressed with the clinic from the second I walked in, such a comfortable and welcoming environment! I was nervous at first but soon as I spoke to Emilie she assured me I would be fine and put my mind at ease with her expertise.”

Maddison G.

“From the moment I walked in the door to the beautiful friendly greeting by the receptionist. My whole experience was a relaxed and very welcoming one.

Lisa was so lovely, kind and gentle. She explained everything and gave me up front pricing which helped me fit with my budget.

Can’t recommend this business enough.

Thank you for making me feel so welcomed xx”

Terez A.

“Excellent service and so much reassurance and support throughout the whole regime”

Jodi R.

“Highly recommend. The pampering begins as soon as you arrive. Excellent service, great follow up. Looking forward to my next session.”

Alex C.

Jade is such a beautiful clinic, all the staff are so friendly and professional. I have enjoyed a couple of lovely visits to treat my various skin issues and are so pleased with the results. They explain everything in full, including costs incurred and have such great technology to treat a wide range of various ailments. If you want to improve your skin health and look your best, call Jade.

Jess U.

I had never been to Jade before and I must say I was impressed. Lisa was so informative about everything and didn’t try to talk me into anything. Answered all my questions and was very truthful in what Jade could and couldn’t do for me, which I really appreciated. Thank you for making this experience an enjoyable one.

Ingrid W.

“Michael went above and beyond to help me with my skin care product needs, so welcoming and helpful. Such a beautiful clinic. I won’t be going anywhere else. xx”

Demi M.

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