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As with any aesthetic treatment, safety is a top concern amongst patients. After all, you do not want to take risks when it comes to your face. One common question we see is “are PDO threads dangerous?”. At Jade Cosmetic Clinic, where professionalism meets care, we demystify this concern. With 18 years of expertise as healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to offering transparent insights.


Are PDO Threads Dangerous? Dispelling Myths

Understanding the Differences: Lifting Threads vs. Collagen Stimulating Threads


Firstly, not all PDO threads are the same. We steer clear of “lifting threads,” a more invasive option involving barbed threads. This distinction is vital. Our focus is on “collagen stimulating” threads, renowned for their efficacy in stimulating natural collagen production. We address the myth that PDO threads are dangerous by emphasising our commitment to safe and proven treatments.


“Lifting threads” are a more invasive approach involving barbed threads for tissue elevation. We believe the associated downtime and cost outweigh the benefits. Instead, we specialise in “collagen stimulating” threads—a sought-after treatment for stimulating natural collagen production. These threads work wonders for minimizing sagging and lines, particularly in areas like smile lines, under the chin, and along the jawline. PDO threads can also be used for frown lines, where filler is considered too dangerous.


Safety in Specialization


PDO threads, when used appropriately, are not dangerous. Our specialised approach ensures safety, especially in areas like smile lines, under the chin, and along the jawline. Our commitment to your well-being is evident in our choice of treatments that deliver results without compromising safety.


Our Approach: Expertise and Experience


With 18 years of experience, our clinic stands as a beacon of knowledge and professionalism. We navigate the question, “are PDO threads dangerous?” by assuring you of our meticulous approach, prioritising safety, and providing comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

Conclusion: Trusting Professional Care


In conclusion, PDO threads are not inherently dangerous. At Jade Cosmetic Clinic, our healthcare professionals bring a wealth of experience to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Trust us to guide you through your aesthetic journey, dispelling myths and delivering results that prioritise your well-being.


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