• November 24, 2021
  • Sam Zulueta | Registered Cosmetic Nurse

Not ready for FILLER?

Matrix PDO THREADS maybe your next steppingstone!

When you are not ready to take the leap of filler, but you want to improve skin thickness & sagginess. Here is your guide on MATRIX PDO threads and all their benefits.

woman's face showing perfect skin after a matrix PDO threads treatment

We understand that feeling. Whether you are new to injectables or have only tried a few things cosmetically and are unsure of certain treatments, the thought of putting filler in your face can still cause some anxiety for some people.

Maybe it is the fear of what it will look like, or maybe you already have great volume in your cheeks and the thought of adding more would not be ideal!

Regardless, you can feel at ease knowing that here at the Jade Cosmetic Clinic, we will always provide a natural result that leaves you feeling far from over-done.

What are Matrix PDO threads you ask?

PDO stands for “Polydioxanone”, an absorbable and dissolvable polymer made into a thread. Most of us have had dissolvable stitches, right? These threads are made from the same material so you can rest assured that these are medically safe!

How do Matrix PDO threads work?

PDO threads are placed carefully underneath the skin in your subcutaneous tissue- focussing on areas that are of your concern. Fine lines, heaviness & sagginess? PDO threads have you covered. Some areas of treatment include:

  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Temples
  • Above the brows/forehead
  • Neck sagginess
  • Necklines

…Or practically, any area on the body that bothers you! We really believe that this is the beauty of the treatment.

After anaesthetic cream is applied, a micro-needle is used to place the PDO threads underneath the skin, and your body’s natural response activates collagen synthesis – this is where the magic happens.

Over a course of between 6-12 weeks, these threads start to dissolve and along with this, the skin starts to tighten and thicken forming structural support through your own body’s collagen production.

How long will Matrix PDO threads last?

Although the threads start to dissolve within approximately 3 months, the effect of skin thickening and tightening continues for about a year and up to 2 years.

How long does the treatment take? & does it hurt?

The treatment itself can take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many areas you are having treated.

Our clients tell us that this is a very comfortable procedure. We maximise comfort by using a strong anaesthetic cream applied to the skin. Hot tip: if you are a podcast fan bring along some headphones so you can zone out during the procedure. It is best not to be moving the face or talking throughout the thread treatment. This makes it easier for us to make sure the thread stays where it has been inserted – we can chat afterwards!

Is there any downtime?

It is best to schedule your appointment away from big events or special occasions. There is a high possibility for bruising in the areas treated and very mild tenderness in the first 24-48 hours, though nothing a little bit of Panadol can not relieve.

How much do Matrix PDO threads cost?

It depends on the result you want to achieve.

The majority of our clients love the subtle lift that is achieved in the cheeks and jawline – on average this would cost $800-1000.

A more detailed and precise quotation will be given at your consultation.

Have more questions? Book your consultation with us today.

Sam Zulueta | Registered Cosmetic Nurse
About The Author

Sam Zulueta | Registered Cosmetic Nurse

Sam brings to Jade her 5 years of experience as a Critical Care nurse. With a keen interest in positive ageing and a desire for helping people feel confident within themselves, Sam skillfully combines skin rejuvenation procedures in addition to cosmetic injectables to achieve optimal outcomes.

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